Barack Obama and cornrows.

Barack Obama and cornrows.

I would love to see him like this.


Public relations in the voluntary, cultural/social and creative sectors is really hard but rewarding work.  Your jobs are fueled by  lots and lots of passion and focus. There are so many endearing sentiments to choose from day to day that you can recognize as avenues of what is really essential  to motivation….


I am so excited to be working at a small, but brilliant bio-medical organization springing up from Chelsea and Mid-Town Manhattan, with goals in finding cures for common debilitating diseases. Working on the fundraising team is exhilarating, the minds that I have been teamed up with are focused enough on success to tackle any hurdles, and so raising funds for  research concerning terminal,old age and psychological illness,with a team of people whose vision reaches future generations is why working in public relations and communications is a career I can really feel blessed and gay and contented about.

In the future I would love to do more work in health and wellness, I would love to be able to work on opportunities overseas with individuals and groups really serious about effecting positive results in really meaningful and worthwhile ways. I would love to one day work with the organizations that are and will continue to shape our world. And all because the projects I work with now have inspired me in that direction.

Somewhere there is someone really fed up with this “recession” and the corporate arena, battling to be heard and feeling really frustrated with the way things seem to be. I meet you every day which is why I was inspired to blog this. The most I can say is even if you are packing burgers in order to survive you still represent humanity in every way, you don’t have to be earning a salary to involve yourself in things that can bring about the change you’d love to see in your world. We all have particular parts to play in this, the worst thing you can do is not do anthing.

Get the information behind the organizations that are doing the things you care about whether its feeding your community, throwing parties, working on electing the next president, making sure sex-offenders are brought to justice, or finding cures for mental illness,volunteer time money or support and  in time you will have reaped many rewards.


Top Ten Things to See in Zambia (with Photos)

Top Ten Things to See in Zambia (with Photos).

indu Goddess of Music and thought

Hindu Goddess of Music and thought

So for me Music, Art Poetry and Literature are like essentials to my life, My Blog is always going to try and reflect that, but one way I find to honour the arts,is to post something about Saraswati, the Goddess in Hindu of those things. Here is  some info about her from

Goddess Saraswati is usually symbolized in white sari she adorns  it reflects her essential purity. In her popular images and pictures, Goddess Sarasvati is depicted with four arms wearing a white saree and seated on a white lotus. Her four arms represent the four aspects of human personality in learning which are mind, intellect, alertness and ego. It is also believed that these four arms represent four Vedas which is the primary sacred books of Hindus. The Vedas represent poetry, prose and music which are the three main forms of literature. The book in one hand represents the prose which is the divine true knowledge and also her perfection of the sciences and scriptures. A rosary or a garland of crystals on the other hand represents poetry which is the power of meditation and spirituality.

I’m too cute to FIGHT!!!!!

Sometimes these “boys” need to know and understand some things…… For the sophisticated ladies of universe awesome, Ms. Teedra Moses.